Uruguay by the Numbers

We decided to squeeze in a few days in the small country of Uruguay after returning from our amazing trip to Antarctica. Unfortunately, it was off-season, desolate, and a tad chilly at the exclusive beach resort town of Punta del Este and the grungy capital city of Montevideo left us very disappointed. In the end, we spent less than a week in Uruguay before deciding to move on to the far-more-impressive Iguazu waterfalls in the far north-eastern edge of Argentina.

Favorite/Least Favorite

Favorite Place: Punta del Este
Least Favorite Place: Montevideo

Favorite Food: Meats a la parilla, especially at the Puerto del Mercado in Montevideo
Least Favorite Food: Uruguayan Empanadas (deep-fried unlike the delicious oven-baked variety available in Argentina)

Favorite Alcohol: Pilsen Beer
Least Favorite Alcohol: Uruguayan Wine

Favorite Accommodations: Our garden bungalow at La Lomita del Chingolo, Punta del Este
Least Favorite Accommodations: Super-sketchy Hostel Misiones in Montevideo’s Old City

Other Numbers

Days in the country: 6
Distance Traveled: 549 miles
Cities/Towns Visited: 2 (Punta del Este & Montevideo)
Long Distance Buses: 3
Night Buses: 0
Local Buses: 0
Taxis: 4
Boats: 1 (Ferry from Buenos Aires)
Planes: 0
Subways: 0
Beds slept in: 3
Traveler’s stomach incidents: 0
Days on antibiotics: 0
Churches/Cathedrals: 1
Restaurants: 3 (0.5 times per day, on average due to LOTS of self-catering)
Pictures Taken: 229 (Uruguay) / 23,658 (Total, trip thus far)


It’s true – Uruguay is expensive. Especially places like Punta del Este, which is a glitzy beach destination for the jet-set crowd. While difficult to visit this country on a budget, it can be done. To keep costs down, we cooked almost all of our own meals, eating out only 3 times during the 6 days we were there. To get an idea of the costs, one of these times dining out was lunch at a McDonald’s in Punta del Este – the bill was $19 for two combo meals. And yes, it was disgusting…even with Uruguayan beef!

Our lodging costs were exceptionally high due to an unexpected one-night stay at a 3-star hotel in Montevideo ($82), following a shocking experience at the filthy and sketchy “Hostel Misiones” in Montevideo.

Here were our daily expenditures:

Food $28
Drinks $1
Lodging $53
Transportation $26
Activities $3
Other $1
Total $111/day

Most/Least Expensive

Most Expensive Lodging: $82 (Hotel Lafayette, Montevideo)
Least Expensive Lodging: $45 (Hostel Misiones, Montevideo – Stay Away!)

Most Expensive Meal: $29 (Estancia del Puerto, Montevideo – as seen on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations)
Least Expensive Meal: $13 (Empanadas in Montevideo)

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