Updated Gear Page – Explore Our Packs!

Greetings from Playa del Carmen, on the Riviera Maya!

As inspired by Dave at GoBackpacking.com, we’ve updated our Gear Page and included interactive Flickr photos of Erik’s pack and Heather’s pack.

There’s more to add, and of course, more to blog about here.  Unfortunately, it’s 3AM here and we have an action-packed day planned tomorrow, so updates will have to come later.

Erik’s Pack

Erik's Backpack
Click to explore!

Heather’s Pack
Heather's Backpack
Click to explore!

1 thought on “Updated Gear Page – Explore Our Packs!

  1. Elsa Norman

    Eric`s pack looks bigger. I thought woman`s pack is usually the bigger one. When I traveled with my boyfriend My pack is always heavier and bigger. I am a little bit surprise that your case is different 🙂 Best regards!


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