Travel Vaccines from Passport Health Manhattan

Heather needed some shots and I was looking for general travel health advice, so we booked an appointment at Passport Health in Midtown. The nurse we saw was very thorough and took a fair amount of time going over hygiene, food, and many other health and safety topics related to the countries we will be visiting.

Finally, it was time for Heather’s shots. We decided on the following: hep A, hep B, typhoid, yellow fever, polio, and meningitis. In addition we picked up cipro for stomach bugs, doxycycline as an anti-malaria, and a prescription for a drug to help with altitude sickness.

While not a cheap visit, we were impressed by the personalized recommendations and care given to us.

4 thoughts on “Travel Vaccines from Passport Health Manhattan

    1. Elys

      Hi Heather,

      Am wondering how long do those vaccinations good for and how much did it cost you having it done at passport health Manhattan?
      I’m planning a RTW trip myself and am currently looking into this.


      1. Erik Post author

        Hi Elys,

        The cost for the shots at Passport Health was comparable to the cost a regular general practitioner (that also does travel shots) charged me for my shots on the Upper East Side. If I recall, the total for all of Heather’s shots was around $500. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover these, so it’s pretty expensive no matter where you go, however, I believe it’s possible to get a couple of them (Hep A/B maybe?) for free at a NYC health clinic.

        Hope that helps!



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