6 thoughts on “Sleepy Towns in Hot Places

  1. AB

    Buenas dias! It seems like most of your days have been good ones! Can’t wait to see Vera Cruz. Love your website…it’s great to keep up w/you and your travels. It takes me away while keeping you guys close! Love to you both…ttyl! Hasta! Love, AB

    1. Heather Post author

      Hey there, AB!

      Yes, for the most part doing well! Veracruz was actually a letdown and quite skippable. Very dirty and polluted.
      No beaches.

      We’re so glad to share our trip with you! Working on setting up a link on the site to our entire photo gallery.

      Hasta luego!
      H & E

  2. Mark Opala

    I agree with AB, I’m kind o f on vacation in this moment checking into your adventure. Thanks for sharing it!

    Too bad about the commercialization at Chichén Itzá, that ruins it! If something becomes a wonder of the world it should also be protected from profiteering. That place was one of my favorite memories when I visited Mexico.

    If you guys go to Guatemala’s Tikal ruins and go to the top of the southern most temple and look over the top of the forest you’ll see a scene that was filmed in the original star wars.

    1. Erik

      Hi Mark – great to have you following along! Thanks for the tip on Tikal. It will be one of our first stops after crossing into Guatemala.

      I think Chichen Itza left us with a bad taste in our mouth as we hired the cheapest guide we could find who was more interested in showing us the souvenir stalls than the ruins! They also don’t let you climb the main pyramid there anymore, after an elderly woman fell to her death a couple of years ago. I imagine it was a totally different experience before all the changes!

  3. kez

    All the exotic fruits i’ve just read about in your travels remind me of home – Mombasa. And the heat — oh i miss the hot humid nights of the Mombasa town. I envy you – enjoy evry minute of it!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks Kez! Glad you enjoyed Erik’s article about exotic fruits. They are exquisite.
      We are trying to sample them all.
      We are savoring every moment!
      Glad to have you following along.


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