Map My Posts WordPress Plugin

Display your categories or tags on a Google Map or Geochart visualization. Perfect for travel bloggers!

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The Google Map above was produced using Map My Posts and displays the location of categories from the travel blog. It was added to this page using the shortcode:


Getting Started

  • Install and activate the plugin like you would any other WordPress plugin in the wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Associate your categories or tags with locations from the Admin Posts-Categories or Posts-Tags area.
  • Add one of the widgets or add a shortcode to any page or post to Map My Posts!


Google recommends using an API console key, even though they still support requests without an API key. There is a “courtesy limit” of 25,000 requests per day to Google Maps and Static Maps APIs (limits and overage fees are detailed on the Google Developers site).

You can request or manage API keys using the Google APIs Console.

In the API Console, make sure you have enabled “Google Maps API v3” and the “Static Maps API.”

Copy the API Key found in the “API Access” menu into the Map My Posts plugin settings screen.

Geocoding Categories & Tags

You will need to associate categories or tags with locations for them to be displayed by Map My Posts. In the WordPress Admin area, under Posts, select Categories or Tags. You can add new categories or tags with geocoded locations for Map My Posts, or edit your existing items.

Map My Posts will attempt to match your existing categories or tags with a country, based upon the name. You will see a message such as the one displayed below. Note: you still need to click the “Update” button to save the association.

If Map My Posts matches your existing category or tag name with a country, it will automatically select the country. You still need to click the "Update" button.

If Map My Posts matches your existing category or tag name with a country, it will automatically select the country. You still need to click the “Update” button to make the association.

You can search for a location, such as a business name, landmark, or street address using the Location text entry box. If you need a more exact location, drag the marker to any point on the map after you have entered a location search.

Shortcodes & Map Types

There are three different map types available. We’ve already seen the standard Google Map at the top of this page. Once again, it’s called with:


You can also display a Google Geochart visualization:

This is shown with the shortcode:

[mmp-geochart mode="region"]

The Geochart has two different display modes. Region (as seen above), will only work with categories or tags that have been associated with a country. If you need to display cities or other non-country level locations, use the marker mode:

This is shown with the shortcode:

[mmp-geochart mode="marker"]

You can control the default mode and colors in the Map My Posts settings page in your WordPress admin area.

Download from the WordPress Plugin Directory

Plugin en el español por Andrew de WebHostingHub

92 thoughts on “Map My Posts WordPress Plugin

  1. Michal

    Thank you for an excellent plugin. Works just fine and is relatively easy to implement.
    It works like a dream if you want to have a menu of your posts on one map, where people can view the posts accordingly to a location.
    I was thinking about using it in a bit different way for my travel blog. I was after a widget, that will show a map with the location, where the post was written, another words on every post in the side bar there would be only one marker…

    Is it doable? Maybe all I need is just to change a small peace of the code to make it work the way I envision it?

    thank you for your help

  2. Peter Clark

    Great plugin. Many thanks for writing it and publishing it!

    One small request is to add in fields for maxZoom and minZoom when creating the google.maps.Map object. I need minZoom, so I have made a fork of your plugin for the time being but would love to avoid that going forward.

  3. Eirik Nereng

    Hello! It does not seem to work now. Using the [mmp-map] shortcode it seems to create a map-sized, blank area. Just look at the top of this article. Any ideas? Love the concept of this plugin! 🙂

  4. Marek

    In case you get a blank space instead of the map, this can be caused by the Google Javascript (jsapi) not loading. WordPress does NOT do this by default but some other plugins can cause it. One of the most popular plugins that can cause problems is NEXTGEN gallery.

  5. vitlastovka

    Hi, if I understand it well this plugin means I can have a google map widget on sidebar (for example) with pins of my travel blog posts and after visitor click on pins, certain post will open (in new or same window), Am I right ?
    Thanks Vit

  6. Charles Como

    The plugin no longer works, even on this website above. I’ve isolated the problem to be that plugin is spitting out the URL for Google maps incorrectly, putting
    `&ampheight=` instead of `&height=` It’s in the file inc/MapMyPosts.php at the bottom, but I don’t know how to fix it.. it has something to do with http_build_query but I don’t know how to make it not include the unicode stuff above. Will post a followup when I figure it out, unless someone else figures it out before me.


  7. Bob Churchill

    Any chance of incorporating a function to automatically create a list of country categories which are pre-selected with the appropriate geo location? I.e. you could click a button that said “Give me the world” to add such categories in?

  8. madenza

    Lovely plugin. I wanted to use lat long coordinates which I can geocode as I am adding a post. So every post can be filtered, by taxonomy, tag, category or post type, and make multiple maps across my wp sites. Like a map navigation if you like.

    My process is simple. I add an address to a post as a custom field. Then the post is viewed (even in preview) the geocoding takes place and adds two custom fields, latitude and longitude.

    Thats it then. Use some shortcodes to filter the maps the way you want to display the posts anywhere on my wp install.

    You can test it for yourself, its a free WP add on

  9. Jeffrey Griffin


    Thanks for the great plugin! I’m trying to get it up and running now and having a bit of trouble. See the test page here:

    I find that the shortcodes: [mmp-geochart mode="marker"] & [mmp-geochart mode="region"] display perfectly fine but when I use the main shortcode, [mmp-map] a blank box is shown on the page. Any ideas what could be causing this?


  10. Mandy

    It does nog work completely for me. It shows the map centered in the middle with a blank space up and down, and also my markers are not showing while I did add them in the categories. Someone who wants to help me out?

      1. Erik Post author

        Hi Mandy, I cannot load that page – did you associate your tags or categories with locations? Remember to edit these under Posts -> Categories (or Tags)

  11. damien


    Excellent plugin and ive been looking for something like this for ages!

    Im trying to achieve the following things, is it possibel?

    • How do I set the background to transparent?
    • Is it possible to have the GEO map more zoomed in and have the ability to scroll around and then click the markers?

    Thnaks in advance for any help you can provide.

    my URL is and the map is under the “Location” tab


  12. Dayna


    Great app! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

    Any way you could change the mmp-map to have larger container boxes in order to get rid of the scroll bars? I want the ability to zoom which the other 2 set ups don’t have however, I find the scroll bars distracting.

    Otherwise perfect!

    1. Erik Post author

      Thanks, Dayna! Are you seeing scrollbars on the mmp-map above? Do you mean you would like to remove the zoom control +/- along the left?

      1. Dayna

        Sorry, I should’ve been a bit clearer – my mistake 🙂 I meant when you click on the markers on mmp-map some of the boxes containing the country and number of posts have a scroll bar in them. Clicking on South Korea in the mmp-map above is fine however, when you click on New Zealand and most others, you get a scroll bar.

        Would be great if the markers showed the info in a similar way to the geocharts or maybe it’s easier to make the geocharts zoom in and out? If the geocharts zoomed in/out then I’d be able to use them instead. As it is now, if I can’t zoom, it’s hard to see the smaller countries I’ve posted about.


  13. Crystal


    Very happy to have found this plug-in which is perfect for our non-profit organization.

    Currently am using the geochart and I wondered how I might be able to remove the post number from the hover window, yet keep the country name. I have searched the plug in code with no luck.

    1. Erik Post author

      Is this the association it is making automatically? You should be able to change the location by editing the category (go to WordPress admin, Posts, and choose Categories), and using the search box next to the map, or dragging the map pin location to any place in the world.

  14. garinetch

    Fantastic plugin, thanks so much.

    One quick question: the map is tiled several times horizontally, meaning there are three Africas, three Australias, etc. I’ve tried changing the height and width to zoom it to the point where I just have one single map of the world, but no matter what combination I try I can’t make it work. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  15. Peter

    If I have several posts that are for different zip codes (like in USA) for one country, how can I show them on a map in each of their locations? Can we only organize by country?

  16. bogboo

    hi, nice plugin. it’s perfekt for my webside. but i have a question: is it possibel to start de plugin directly with a php-code. my idea is to put the plugin directliy on de “Startblog”. actually i have done this with an other plugin.

    but this plugin is better for my way of Blogging. sometimes i have more countrys in one post. with the actual plugin is it not possibel to Show the text by 2 countrys.

    1. bogboo

      i found a solution. but my next Problem is that the links get opend in a new window when i use:
      [mmp-geochart mode="region"]

      How can i fix this, that the links get open in the same window?

  17. fr3nd

    The spanish translation is broken. It has the newline character “\n” in some messages which is making the javascript to fail

    The workaround is to remove all “map-my-posts-es_ES.*” files inside the “lang” directory of the plugin

  18. alexey

    Zoom control for geochart and clustering?
    When you work with small areas, such as European countries, you need to be able to control the scale. Well as it would be to do the clustering and display of digits number of posts, not just the colour (for circles)

  19. edwinoonk

    Where can we find more documentation? Especially about the shortcode and it’s parameters. Specifically I am looking for more info on the parent parameter.

  20. Esmee

    Love this plugin! One question though. I’d like the map to include every place I’ve ever visited, but I don’t have a blogpost about everything. Can I somehow add pins for places without links to categories? I’ve already tried adding categories without blogposts linked to it but that didn’t work.

    Also, I’ve been to Hong Kong (like you), but unfortunately the country’s too small for the Geo map to be visible. I suppose there’s nothing to do about that, right?

    1. kirole mu

      Hello I am having some trouble. I am using plugin for directory listing.I have set the taxonomy to TAGS however when i try to set the location when creating a new TAG, the map does not show up.
      I have enabled the API Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and Static Maps API and also inserted the generated Api key in the mapmypost setting. But nothing..

  21. Marie Meier

    I use this plugin. It’s really great.
    But I got one problem – Egypt is not marked on my map even though I have lots of post from there. I also changed location several times just to see if this category will be marked somehow.
    But no matter what I do Egypt looks like a country I haven’t posted from. What can I do?

  22. Merrit

    Great plugin. Is it possible to associate this plugin with a custom taxonomy instead of the default ‘Categories’ and ‘Tags’?

  23. Puzzled user


    Geat plugin!! However, I don’t manage to make the map responsive. See:

    I tried to put the map width to 100% in the Map My Posts plugin (instead of a fixed px width) but in that case, I’m forced to set the map height at a fixed px height, which works different on different screen sizes (such as mobile phones), meaning there are large blank spaces above and under the map if the site is viewed on mobile devices.

    Is anyone able to help me? I have no coding skills so a step-for-step explanation would be useful.

    If it is too difficult to make the map responsive, I could also simply hide that particular page (TRAVELOGUE) from my menu on smaller devices (devices with a screen width of smaller than 960px). However, I also don’t know how to do that…

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!

  24. andrijana

    Good day,
    I’m Andrijana from WebHostingGeeks Support. We have found your plugin Map My Posts very interesting and of a significant use for the community. Since I’m of Serbian decent, I’m willing to help people from former Yugoslavia, which now represents six independent countries in Europe, better manage their internet pages by translating your plugin into Serbo-Croatian language.
    Would that be ok with you?
    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Many kind regards,

    Andrijana Nikolic

  25. andrijana

    A few weeks ago, I send you request to translate your plugin. But I didn’t get answer regarding my offer to you. Please let me know if you agree with my proposal.

    Sincerely your,
    Andrijana Nikolic

  26. Arianwen

    Thanks for this plugin! It’s just what I was looking for! It took me a little while to figure out how to set it up – but only because I’m not tech savvy! Love the final look 🙂

  27. Joan Morro

    your plugin is awesome, it does just what I need, but I would like to use it for Easy Digital Downloads categories.
    Is there any tweak so it works the same with EDD downloads categories?

    Thanks so much!

  28. moonandbear

    This plugin worked great on my development site. However, when I installed it on my own site, it shows a blank page. I found out it is because I have Yoast SEO installed on my own site. Somebody knows how to fix this, without uninstalling Yoast SEO?

    1. Jessica Doll

      Did you figure out how to fix this? Or did anyone else? I am trying to use it on my site with a Site Origin builder and it only doesn’t work within the site origin builder. It works on the rest of the site (with Yoast). But when I disable Yoast it works within the site origin builder.

      1. HoneyTrek

        Mine is also blank (don’t see it anywhere). And I also use Yoast. Do we think there is a conflict? Yoast is a super super popular plugin, so hopefully it can be fixed.

        1. TomTom

          I have a workaround. For me the sidebar version is working great but if I try to use shortcode in any post or page it simply shows a blank map. Now I used the “Widgets On Pages” plugin and this lets me use the widget version on any page.

  29. Simon

    Hi, you’ve made a really great plugin. There’s just one thing I can’t get managed: I want to make the map non draggable. The usual way in google maps would be “draggable:false”. I already added that in the map-my-posts/views/gmap.php but it won’t work. Could you perhaps help me with that? It would be great!

  30. Dave Reuss

    Hi there! Is there an easy way to change the post count in the info window to description? This works very well for creating a directory of locations that can easily be updated by other admins. This change would make it perfect. Thanks!

  31. Mark


    I enabled the required api’s but get: “There was an error with the Geocoding service”. With and without api key. Also on already geolocated categories. The plugin worked last holiday 🙂 hope you can help

  32. annie

    Hey, I really really like your plugin! One question: I’d like to use the region mode but want to include Antarctica. Is there a way to do this?

    Thanks for your help!

  33. HoneyTrek

    Hey guys, are you still supporting this plugin? I was going to ask a question over in the forum but it doesn’t seem like any of the questions there are getting answered. Love this plugin and the integration with our blog posts, just can’t get it working for some reason. Shows the map code (when i view source), but the page is blank.


  34. edwinoonk


    the plugin worked great….until I installed WPML (Multi Lingual plugin). Now all my maps are empty in every language. I hope this can be solved.

    Thanks anyway for the great plugin.


  35. Basti

    Hi there,

    After installing this plugin WordPress 4.6.1 noticed, that this Plugin is calling a deprecated constructor method ($this->WP_Widget) in your includes.
    They should be updated (to parent::__construct) as well as the uninstall_hook.

    Keep hacking 😉

  36. Anisa

    When trying to add the location to my categories – I get the following error – Oops! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. What do I need to do?

  37. alexey

    add different shortcodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could you add different shortcodes for different categories, or labels (including new taxonomies added by other plugins)?

  38. smartravel7

    Heeeelp :

    I got same issue : When trying to add the location to my categories – I get the following error – Oops! Something went wrong.This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. I’ve tried to change the Api key but it doesn’t work … Could you explain me how to do please ?

  39. Serban Biliuti


    Can you please help me?
    I get the following error:

    Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

    The API Key is in the settings menu also tried with adding Google API Key manager plugin that enables my key on all plugins and all sites. Tried regenerating it.

    Also got the [mmp-geochart mode="region"] working but not all countries showing. (asia)

    Any ideas?

  40. marcaderidder

    I am having two problems with the plugin and wonder if you could help.
    1) On loading the page with the map (with [mmp-map]), the map does not show. It does show after a reload.
    2) A missing API key error. I Have tried the same key with other plugins using the Google APIs which all work fine. When including another plugin (hidden) on the page, the map shows although this generates a few warnings and errors.
    I simply love this plugin and would like to get it working properly, so any help appreciated.


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