Eating Grasshoppers in Oaxaca

OK, so we’ve been totally delinquent with blogging.  While we catch up and put together some more posts, enjoy this little “taste” of things to come…

While in Oaxaca, I decided to sample one of the local delicacies – dried grasshoppers (chapulines).  These little critters can be found all over town – in restaurants, in local markets, and from stands on the side of the street.

Since this was my first time, I opted for the chili-flavored grasshoppers, thinking it would be a nice, gentle introduction to eating bugs.  To be honest, they weren’t that bad – somewhat salty, very crunchy, and fairly mild (almost like a potato chip).  If I didn’t actually know they were grasshoppers, I might even say I liked them.

The lady at the stand was nice enough to let me try the chapulines for free (perhaps thinking I would like them enough to buy a bag?), but shied away from posing for a photograph together.

4 thoughts on “Eating Grasshoppers in Oaxaca

  1. Heather (Admin)

    Too long since your last entry… Friends and family worried for your safety..
    Would be fine if you just give the date each week and said …” Too busy to enter full blog …we’re OK … be back on-line soon” would eliminate worry for those of us still back home on the couch.
    Thoroughly enjoying your travels and personal experiences along the way.
    –LUL – Mom

  2. steve

    We passed each other somewhere here in Mexico. Was in Oaxaca a few weeks ago…loved the chapulines. Now at Casa de Dante. Saw your log entry. Guanajuato is awesome. We’ll be heading slowly home to Alaska then SE Asia when the cold hits. Travel well.

  3. Erik Post author

    Hi Steve! Hope you are having a great time at Case de Dante – we had a blast there. Enjoy your travels and thanks for checking out our site!

  4. Michael

    Wow, you ate that so casually. You sure you haven’t been eating this regularly? Safe travels guys! Looks like you’re having an awesome time.


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