Baraat – An Indian Wedding Procession [Video]

I was in India during peak wedding season, when an already noisy and chaotic country is even louder and crazier – if that is even possible! Weddings are a big deal here, and often feature a completely over-the-top procession (baraat) through the streets, complete with a brass band, fireworks, electric lights, dancing, and a horse.

While I stayed cooped up in my hotel both nights in Jaipur, trying to recover from the notorious “Delhi Belly”, I still had an opportunity to see a couple wedding parades run right past me. Check out this video to get a sense of what it was like:

Indian Wedding Procession on YouTube

The wedding procession heading past my hotel.The wedding procession heading past my hotel.
The wedding procession heading past my hotel.05-Dec-2012 19:08

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