Argentina by the Numbers

We spent more time in Argentina than any other country we visited during our year travelling through Latin America. And for good reason…this country is huge – covering everything from Andean mountains to jungle rainforests to wind-swept Patagonian plains.

While we spent almost two months seeing the country, this time wasn’t consecutive. In total, we said hello and goodbye to Argentina a total of five times, exiting and re-entering multiple occasions to visit Chile, Uruguay, and Antarctica. Over time, we started to become comfortable and familiar with this country, more so than anywhere else we’ve been.

Favorite/Least Favorite

Favorite Place: Bariloche, Lake District
Least Favorite Place: Cordoba

Favorite Food: Baked Empanadas from Northern Argentina (Erik’s Runner Up: Choripan chorizo sandwiches)
Least Favorite Food: Argentina’s disgusting version of pizza – smothered in pounds of cheese

Favorite Alcohol: Crisp, Torrentes wines from Cafayate
Least Favorite Alcohol: None – even the cheap stuff was good!

Favorite Accomodations: Besides the apartment we rented in Buenos Aires (so much nicer than a hostel!)….Garden Stone at Iguazu Falls
Least Favorite Accomodations: Hostel Suites Obelisco, Buenos Aires (bed bugs!)

Favorite Sight: Mendoza’s Wine Country by Bike
Biggest Disappointment: Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia

Offbeat Must-Do: Ice Trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier
Must-See: Igauzu Falls

Other Numbers

Days in Argentina: 57
Distance Traveled: 5,439 miles (includes a 1,481 mile flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires)
Cities/Towns Visited: 10
Long Distance Buses: 12
Night Buses: 6
Ultra-Luxurious “Cama Suite” Night Buses: 2
Luxury “Cama” Buses: 3
Regular “Semi-Cama” Buses: 7
Local Buses: 16
Taxis: 27
Speed Boats: 3
Slow Boats: 3
Subway Rides: 5
Inflatable Rafts: 1
Cable Cars: 1
Bicycles: 1
Planes: 2 (Ushuaia to BA, BA to home)
Beds slept in: 11
Dorm Beds: 2
Hot Springs: 0
Glaciers: 2
Ruins: 0
Wineries Visited: 13
Bottles of Wine Consumed: 47
Days on antibiotics: 0
Churches/Cathedrals: 5
Museums: 14
Theatrical Productions: 2
Restaurants: 66 (1.2 times per day, on average)
Empanadas: 128
Steaks (All Erik!): 12
Pizzas: 11
Pictures Taken: 3,987 (Argentina) / 27,645 (Total, trip thus far)


Our budget took a real beating in Argentina. In fact, it was our most expensive country to date, beating out our previous average daily of $156 in Costa Rica!

Overall, we were surprised just how expensive everything in Argentina was. For a country that suffered a severe economic crisis a decade ago, they seem to be recovering fairly nicely! Buenos Aires along with parts of Patagonia and the Lake District were extremely expensive, while Northern Argentina was fairly reasonable.

While we did enjoy a lot of nice dinners and creature comforts (especially the 2 week apartment rental in Buenos Aires), the biggest budget killers were the expensive tours along with the high cost for transport (especially the $550 flight to BA following our return from Antarctica).

Food $38
Drinks $6
Lodging $41
Transportation $35
Activities $33
Other $7
Total $160/day

Most/Least Expensive

Most Expensive Lodging: $73 (1 night in Hostel Che Legarto, El Calafate!)
Least Expensive Lodging: $17.50 (Dorm beds in a grungy hostel across the street)

Most Expensive Meal: $61.50 (Lunch at Sipan Restaurant in BA on our last day)
Least Expensive Meal: $5 (Empanadas in Salta)

Most Expensive Drinks: $6.50 (Beer at an Irish Pub in BA)
Least Expensive Drinks: $2.50 (Bottle of Wine from Supermarket)

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  1. Ramiro

    Reading your blog, and just wondering if you tried empanadas from Tucuman. That’s where I am from. Glad you had a good time!… and our Pizza is way better than US pizza 😛


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